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The great KYO
KYO in Japanese means “big”. Big as our desire of bringing the future forward, of creating a line of product highly competitive, with unique features and qualities. Big as the importance of formulating products that respect hair, scalp and health in general. Products rich in active principle, with a high quality and free from harmful ingredients. Products formulated with the most innovative ingredients on the market and with proven effectiveness. KYO is the brand, it is our main support in the future, the trump to deal with a market in continuous evolution. Welcome to KYO. In the following pages we will go with you step by step into the future of your hair.

KYO è il colore-trattamento di nuova generazione. Il colore per eccellenza. Grazie alla combinazione di collagene marino e cheratina e all’assenza di ammoniaca e parafenilendiammina, KYO KOLOR colora, protegge, nutre e ristruttura in un’unica fase. Studiato e formulato per prevenire il bruciore, le allergie, il pizzicore e gli arrossamenti, è un colore adatto anche a coloro che hanno problemi di sensibilità del cuoio capelluto. KYO è il colore permanente di nuova generazione.

KYO is a real covering and highly performing color. Its creamy consistency makes mixing and application easier and allows color to surround hair to perfection without draining, with a strong hold and assuring a uniform covering.

KYO KOLOR offers all the advantages of professional permanent coloring:

  • 100% white hair covering
  • Lifts color up to 4 tones
  • Respects hair and scalp structure
  • Brilliant and prismatic results
  • Perfect balance of base-highlight
  • Long-lasting result and permanent color
  • Deep highlights
  • Wide range of nuances